Does your well or spring keep up with all of the animals? We offer a bulk delivery service to fill your livestock tanks, water troughs, and ponds with potable water.   *Please note this service is only available in service districts allowing use of potable hydrants.   Recycled water is not approved for livestock consumption. ​

​Recycled Water Delivery Service Available


Please contact us by phone or e-mail.  Pricing determined by location and water needs.  Free estimates available. 

  • Livermore
  • Pleasanton
  • Brentwood
  • Please call if you need help in other areas! 

Current Service Areas:

Drought Savers delivers bulk loads in our customized water trucks for  your front lawns and commercial landscapes.  Affordable rates which are far less than future landscape replacement costs. Protect your investment and our precious drinking water supply at the same time.

Traditional poly tanks offer more storage capacity for larger yards. Rain collection kits also available for winter months.  Garden hose fittings and pressure pumps can be installed to water your landscape.  Tanks are filled weekly allowing you to water at your leisure.  Enjoy your weekend and let us bring the recycled water to you.  Tanks and installation service available. 

If you want a quote from a Drought Savers Specialist, Request a Quote.

a green alternative to going brown!   

Standard poly tank sales and weekly filling service

bulk water delivery front lawn watering  service

Avoid landscape replacement costs.  Our water delivery service  is available for you!

preserving your investments throughout the drought